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Share, Connect, Communicate, Build. EARN


Spaces can be created by anyone. A flexible feature to create a top specific space that users can choose to follow and earn MST tokens from selling there data to an advertiser. 

Categorise content and bring shared passions closer.

Earn tokens by selling your personal viewing history to an advertiser

Create your own space on a subject you love and share with your community. 

Set your own preferences on what gets advertised to you. Or search for any space on our platform. 

First Move

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Add new functionality to your profile. Choose to incorporate one of our many preinstalled apps or build your own app for the platform that you can monetize and share with our community. 

Pictures of current apps


Our platform is open sourced. Meaning any developer can add to our Web3 platform and create apps, chatrooms, dating apps, games and anything that can be socially interacted with. Whilst earning MST tokens based on how many people use there application. The user will also receive tokens for sharing there app and allowing advertisers to promote to them. 

More facts on build 

Earn MST*

Eanr MST tokens that be traded on our exhange for any crypto. Or hold your MST* and as the price rises so will your token value. 

Earn for sharing, watching and liking content.

Create content and get paid per view. 

Sell your preferences to advertisers to earn MST*

Tokens will be sent to your preferred wallet automatically or you can claim them in our dashboard. 

First Move

Phone Screen

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