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MySocialverse allows users to earn tokens for using social media.

Every social interaction on the platform means you earn MSVT tokens automatically. To earn the tokens, you must already own MSVT tokens. Users can earn over 600% on their holding, depending on how active they are on the platform. Users will also earn BUSD on every transaction, meaning with every new signup you receive more rewards!

Sign Up

Please enter the same wallet you hold your Y5 Crypto in.
You can change your wallet address at a later date by contacting us. 

You will receive an email shortly welcoming you to the platform! 

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the process

User buys msvt and signs up

5% tax
1% marketing
1% LP
3% BUSD rewards

interacts with the platform

token pool

every sign up users receive 3% BUSD rewards

token distribution at 0.1% per interaction

platform revenue 


project spaces

5% BB&B

95% distributed



when is the launch?

Our presale will be on the 5th November with the launch of our platform and token within 48 hours of the presale completion.

how often will I earn tokens?

You will receive BUSD rewards from every transaction on the contract. You will also receive MSVT tokens once a month based on how many interactions you have had with the platform.

why would anyone use the platform?

Imagine for all the time you spent on social media you got paid for it. Instead of large corporations harvesting and selling your data. With MySocialVerse you are in charge of everything. With all the profits going back to the user. The platform is also feature rich with all generic social media features, and a few surprises tailored to the cryptocurrency communities. 

how will free speech be moderated?

MySocialVerse will promote free speech, and the freedom to express any opinion. However, harmful, racism and outright damaging speech will not be tolerated and our team will review every incident independently with a neutral mindset. We have no algorithm to silence free speech, keywords will flag up to our operations team and be reviewed.

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